Day by day…

Day after day is going by, but things aren’t getting better,

I don’t feel less, I don’t feel good, and I still wait for something.

I know I can’t describe it all, and I can’t send a letter,

It means a lot to me, for you it’s just another dumb thing…


Week after week, as time flies by, I feel this empty buzzing

Inside my soul and in my heart, it’s empty all around…

I thought I could and I was strong, then who am I becoming?

A broken someone, very weak, but not someone profound.


What if I fail, what if I can’t, what if I lose this battle?

What is my way to save my soul? What do I have to do?

Can someone kill me like they do, when slaughtering some cattle?

I guess a .45 could do the job and solve the torture too…


Month after month will go right by, and life will seem routine-ish,

I’ll learn to smile, I will pretend that everything is awesome.

The day when I decide the time has come for the pain to finish,

Will be the day when flowerless cactuses will blossom…


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