I have to go…

I am sorry but I have to do this, I hope you understand,

I feel so weak, I feel in love, and feelings are so strong.

My heart is beating fast, it hurts, I barely can stand.

I love you, strong and painfully, and yes, I know it’s wrong!


I have to leave, I have to go, I do it for us both:

I’ll gain the freedom over time, you won’t have to pretend.

I look at you, I touch your face and our lips so close,

I can’t believe that this is it, it’s coming to an end…


I never thought that it would pass, and we were the real deal,

I was so wrong, I was naïve, and trusted every word.

My pain is mine, and only mine, I know I can conceal,

And I am sure that’s the way that you would have preferred.


I have to go, I set you free and you don’t have to know,

That love remains with me for good and I will keep it safe.

I have to go, I walk away but I will do it slow,

So I can take another breath of air that you breathe.


I have to do this, don’t know how, so I will just devise,

I smile at you so you don’t know internally I wail.

One last attempt to sneak a peak at those beloved eyes,

I won’t forget them and my memory will keep every detail.


I have to go, it is the time, it hurts to make that stride,

I feel you looking but I’m glad you do not say a word.

The pain unbearable that sears is burning me inside,

Because today it is the day when my love was interred.


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