You are

I keep on hoping though I’m not allowed…

You are my dream, my fruit forbidden.

My pain, my hurt, my deep distress,

My quiet corner in a crowd,

My safe place that’s from people hidden,

Or maybe happiness address?


Your hugs so strong are my protection,

Your kisses are my time in heaven,

You are my world, but I won’t tell you,

And I will not show my affection.

I quietly will count till seven,

And stop my dreaming for a few.


You’re almost gone, but in my mind

I treasure every minute spent.

Not sure why you won’t just say it…

I might be silly, but not blind,

Not sure where things have bent,

But they are gone, to every bit.


You’re so close, yet so far away

I miss you, but I doubt you care.

I love you so I set you free…

And tears fall without delay,

I struggle breathing, where’s the air?

I’m weak and can’t get off my knees.


I watched you as you walked away…


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