Love in Awe

True love exists. True story…

You know exactly what it is when you meet the person, even though it’s the first time you have seen him it feels like you’ve known him your whole life. You look at him and he is like a direct reflection of everything you ever believed in or ever wanted. It’s so easy to be around this person and it makes you feel so happy that you want more and more. You call him, you text all the time and even when you are not together you both are still connected by this invisible web that ties you both together. You can barely feel it but you know it’s there and it makes your heart tickle a little. You smile all the time. People say that you radiate light when they are around you, but you know it’s all because of him. He gives you that light, that positive energy that you want to share with the world because at that point it’s too much for just you, it makes you want everyone around you to feel as happy as you are.

It’s a whole other story when you see him. Your body trembles, your knees are weak and your hands are shaking. You look at him and the whole world stops, you forget where you are and who you are. Honestly, at this point it doesn’t really matter, because he is right here in front of you, and you could look in his eyes forever. Those eyes… They look right through you and you can’t hide from them, they see everything and you feel almost naked. His hands touch you and your skin starts burning, every move reflects in your heart beat, and you just want to fall in his arms and hold him tight.

You look at his face and wonder if you make him feel the same. Your biggest desire is to be able to make him feel the same, to be able to share this light with him that makes you feel so good… so happy… You want him to be happy, so desperately that it almost hurts. You hold his face with your hands and kiss his lips, and you try to put all the love in just one kiss in hopes that he can feel it too. He is your world, your universe and if others exist then you must be blind because you can’t see anyone else.

You know it’s love because you’re on the edge of crying. Crying from being overjoyed, from feeling this and having him in your life.

True love exists, and you’re so lucky it chose you…


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